best rehab centers in Orange County California

Coastline Behavioral Health ranks among the best rehab centers in Orange County, California, to accept new patients during COVID 19. This is a list of the top ten common chemical dependencies that we treat in Orange County:

  1. Sedatives (barbiturates) - Doctors prescribe millions of Americans barbiturate sedatives or sleeping pills every year to help them overcome tension and sleep-related disorders. Users of prescription sedatives end up developing a tolerance to the drugs due to their mind-altering effects. At our rehab in Orange County, we treat barbiturate addiction with an integrated treatment plan to provide immediate and long-lasting recovery benefits.
  2. Inhalants - It is one of the most dangerous addictions that we treat at our drug rehab in Orange County. We address addiction to inhalants with medical detox, 24/7 clinical care, and medication-assisted treatments.
  3. Stimulants - Stimulants include prescription drugs like Adderall, Ritalin, and meth. Meth can be highly addictive and can cause intense withdrawal symptoms in users who try to quit. 
  4. Benzodiazepines - Drugs like Valium, Xanax, Diazepam, Klonopin, etc., are some of the most commonly abused Benzos. These mood-regulating drugs are dangerous because of the impact they can have on the brain's chemical makeup of the user. As the top-rated addiction rehab centers in Orange County, CA, we help our clients overcome benzo withdrawal with customized medical detox and advanced psychotherapy programs.
  5. Heroin  - This is a life-threatening and highly addictive drug that can present severe withdrawal symptoms when attempting to quit cold-turkey. We use a combination of holistic, evidence-based therapies and medications to help recovering addicts overcome cravings and regain their sobriety fast.
  6. Cocaine  - As one of the cheapest drugs to acquire, crack cocaine is one of the top drugs abused in the United States. We help cocaine users overcome their crippling addiction using advanced therapies and holistic treatments.
  7. Painkillers  - Prescription painkillers like codeine, Vicodin, and Oxycontin can be highly addictive, causing users to rely on the drug to feel and function normally. As one of the top Orange County inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers, we restore the chemical imbalances in the brain via medical detox and stabilize our patients' nervous system, allowing them to recover and heal faster.
  8. Marijuana  - While using marijuana is legal in a handful of states, the trend has resulted in making users forget the highly addictive potential of this drug. Our inpatient CA drug and alcohol rehab program equips marijuana users with essential coping skills to manage triggers and stressful situations that may arise due to compulsive consumption.
  9. Alcohol - Alcohol abuse tops the list of common addictions and puts the user's life at risk for many health risks. Alcohol addiction can affect an individual's quality of life, career prospects, and personal relationships to a large extent. We address alcohol addiction with medical detox, support group sessions, and individual and group therapies.
  10. Tobacco - Tobacco use has taken vastly more lives than any other drug or substance. We help tobacco users combat their addiction using behavioral modalities and counseling in a controlled and safe environment.

Call Coastline Behavioral Health at 714-841-2260 to learn more about our therapies and treatment prices. To learn more about our COVID-safe policy, visit our website or come to our best rehab centers in Orange County, California, for evaluation, detox, and rehab preparation today.

best rehab centers in Orange County California
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best rehab centers in Orange County California
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