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Calgary Invisalign

Calgary Invisalign

Great Benefits Of Using Calgary Invisalign

When you decide on straightening your teeth, there are many options to go for but with all the options around, invisalign is the only choice that is free of wires and brackets and also has a lot of other benefits, making it an ideal choice for you.

Invisalign gives you the freedom to eat, work and engage in social activities with great convenience. Invisalign has to do with adorning your teeth with slim, transparent plastic aligners that constantly align the teeth to a perfect position. Invisalign are the best orthodontic treatments available today. They are used to treat both mild and moderate issues including crowding, crookedness, gapped teeth and malocclusion (misaligned bite). Due to its many advantages, they are widely used in over 45 countries and are currently used to treat over 2.5 million patients. Here is a compilation of some of Calgary invisalign top benefits:

Invisible Appearance

Invisalign braces are transparent and therefore invisible. They are designed in such a way to give the user the freedom to socialize without any form of face detraction or smile. This is a great option for people who want to live without wires and brackets common with traditional braces. If you to straighten your teeth but don't want to be the center of attraction because of the braces, invisalign is the best option to go for.


Invisalign braces unlike the normal traditional metal braces are made of smooth plastic, making them much more comfortable to use. There are no extruding or sharp edges attached to them and are specifically designed to fit your teeth and mouth. They carry no food restrictions, making it convenient to enjoy sweet food without any worries; brushing of teeth is advised when such sweet foods are consumed.

Improved Oral Hygiene

With ordinary braces, cleaning your teeth is sometimes difficult. Special tool have to be used to clean between and under the wires and brackets. Invisalign braces are removable. When it is time to wash your teeth, you can easily remove them, and fix them back when you are done. The braces can also be cleaned and rinsed to prevent bacterial getting in. Invisalign makes it easy for you to keep your teeth healthy while trying to straighten them.

Short Treatment Time

Invisalign only needs to be maintained, every 6 weeks on the average. This means that you will spend less time in the dentist office, giving you more time to attend to other things. Other conventional braces can take more time and even more appointments. Using Calgary invisalign it takes approximately one year for adult patients to have their desired need. The treatment time may differ depending on how unique your case is.

Comfortable to Wear

While they are repositioning your teeth, conventional wires and brackets can irritate your gums while pressing against your teeth making them uncomfortable to wear. Calgary Invisalign is much more comfortable to wear.

Now that you are aware of some of the great benefits of using Calgary invisalign, this this is the perfect chance to get one fixed and begin your journey to having an ideal teeth and freedom of smile.


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