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Most of the kidney cancers that are detected today are A-symptomatic. They are picked up during a routine CAT scan or a renal sonogram or other imaging modality that will survey the abdomen, and these are found incidentally. They usually do not cause any symptoms, and since there are rarely any symptoms associated with kidney cancer, it is crucial that people get checkups at last once or twice a year.

How is Kidney Cancer Diagnosed?

At the Center TX, if your Kidney cancer doctor is concerned that you may have kidney cancer because of blood in the urine, then we will do some imaging specifically of the kidneys, and that can be a CAT scan, an MRI, a renal sonogram, or an old-fashioned test called an intravenous pyelogram. The number of imaging tests that will be required to make a diagnosis or exclude a diagnosis vary from patient to patient.

Is a Biopsy Performed on Suspicious Lesions?

The role of biopsies is actually still very new for kidney cancers. Because these lesions are very small, it's now recommended to try to biopsy a lesion to see if it is malignant or not. About 4/5 solid lesions on the kidneys are cancerous. That excludes about 15-20% who will not need to be treated, and hence, they do not need a biopsy.

What are the Treatment Options for Kidney Cancer?

When you select to get treatment from a kidney cancer doctor in Fort Worth at the Center TX, you can rest assured that they will exhaust every treatment option for you, according to your cancer and other factors. Most of the treatment options for kidney cancer today depend on the patient's age, physical health, and comorbidities like diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. The older the individual is who has a diagnosis of a solid kidney mass, sometimes can be followed conservatively with imaging and surveillance every 6 - 12 months.

Again, a biopsy may be necessary to confirm that it is kidney cancer and it does need surveillance. The majority of lesions we now see are approximately four centimeters or less. These kinds of lesions can be treated by therapy that can preserve kidney function, which is the most important part of how we deal with kidney tumors on this team.

What Treatments are Available at the Center TX?

The surveillance protocols can be performed here at the Center TX. If the patient requires surgical removal of the tumor, that can be performed by a kidney cancer doctor in Fort Worth. This would most likely require the robotic removal of the tumor which would be minimally invasive. Some of the other treatment options that involve heating the tumors, such as high frequency ultrasound or radio frequency ultrasound.

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If you have been diagnosed or would like to be checked for kidney cancer, or even if you just want a second opinion, the Center TX invites you to schedule an appointment with us. We truly have the best kidney cancer doctors in Fort Worth, and they will give you optimal chances to beat your cancer.


Kidney Cancer Doctor Fort Worth
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Kidney Cancer Doctor Fort Worth
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