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Teenage Drug Rehab

Teenage Drug Rehab

At Clearfork Academy, we know that substance abuse at a critical age can affect the healthy development of a young adult. The programs we have developed in our teenage drug rehab facility focus on the unique needs of the teenagers struggling with an addiction.

What is drug and substance abuse?

Using a drug or a substance in the wrong way or in excess represents a substance disorder. Some substances are not addictive at all like alcohol, over the counter medications, inhalants, or even coffee when used reasonably.

When misused, they will have a harmful effect, leading to physical or mental problems, health or social issues, or failure to meet the responsibilities. Substance abuse usually begins as casual use, but over time, the drug takes over, clouding your judgment and pushing you into addiction.

Substance abuse differs from an addiction; many people with an abuse problem are able to quit or change their unhealthy behaviors. On the other hand, addiction is a disease that may need the specialized support offered by a teenage drug rehab facility.

Protecting your child from drugs

As a parent, you do not want your children to fall under the negative influence of drugs or alcohol. However, you should be aware that temptations exist and that you must protect your child, following a few simple steps:

  • Keep open communication channels – having regular discussions from early ages about the danger that substances pose, will help the child learn, understand, and later avoid using.
  • Establish clear expectations – messages giving clear information about the illegality of using drugs or the irreversible damages to a growing brain will be easy to understand. In this case, it will be likely that the child will avoid making bad decisions when growing up.
  • Become a role model – children will follow what they see rather than what they hear if these two things are in opposition. If you speak, for example, about the dangers of drinking and driving, strictly follow what you said, setting an excellent example to follow.
  • Be involved – listen, be empathic, and learn about your child problems and thoughts even if they may seem minor now. It will be useful to encourage them to speak freely about anything and to call you when needed.
  • Education – encourage the child to learn and to improve knowledge and grades. Coach them when needed and make sure they have a quiet place to do the homework.
  • After school activities – encourage and support them in taking part in any sports event they like, without putting pressure on winning.

How do you treat addiction?

Several options have proven successful in boosting the effectiveness of the addiction treatment, including medication, behavioral education, counseling, or long-term follow-up to prevent relapse. However, the first step towards recovery will be done by you when admitting that you have a problem that you want to correct it.

Clearfork Academy will help you then with the next steps in our teenage drug rehab facility. You will find here a healthy Christian environment to create a solid ground for your future life.

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