trauma treatment center covered by cigna Pacific Palisades

trauma treatment center covered by cigna Pacific Palisades

Someone who has suffered from PTSD or been through trauma wants to begin recovering to move forward, but it is not always that simple without trauma and depression therapy. Despite valiant efforts from family and friends, it is often best to seek professional care and support as you move through the process. This may mean looking into your options for a trauma treatment center covered by CIGNA in Pacific Palisades.

Why Seek Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment?

Despite what many people may think, recovery from trauma can take quite time. Someone dealing with trauma may experience post-traumatic occurrences for quite some time. Even after going through counseling, there will be some challenges moving forward. Just like an addiction to substances, trauma recovery is an individual experience that is different for each person. Successful trauma recovery is known as living in the “here and now” rather than always being haunted by the past.

What Is Trauma?

When spending time at a ttrauma treatment center covered by CIGNA in Pacific Palisades you will learn that trauma comes due to emotionally and mentally distressing experiences. Some people will feel the serious impact of these experiences for years moving forward. For example, if you go through something traumatic in your childhood, it may not even come to the forefront until years or decades later. This is when someone needs help from behavioral health therapists at a trusted trauma recovery outpatient care center to move through it.

Know The Stages Of Trauma Recovery

Moving through your outpatient behavioral health treatment, you will learn about the various stages of trauma recovery, which include:

  • Safety and Stabilization – People in treatment during this phase will have a few main objectives, such as working with a therapist on a personalized plan. It will also improve your sense of security and safety while learning how to process and express various emotions healthily.
  • Remembrance and Mourning – After developing a strong sense of safety and functionality, you can then address certain memories that may be repressed and painful. This involves working with a professional to evaluate memories that are traumatic and redefine the role that these events played in your life. You can learn how to grieve and finally move past these memories while determining their impact on you until this point.
  • Reconnection and Integration – With this final stage of trauma recovery, you set goals for reinvention and a hopeful future. Trauma will no longer have power over you, and it becomes part of a larger picture. You realize it is part of the story but not the entire story.

Whether you are looking for a trauma treatment center covered by CIGNA in Pacific Palisades for yourself or a loved one, we would love to talk with you here at Reconnect Trauma Recovery Clinic. We offer specialized trauma recovery outpatient care that you can count on to give you the guidance and support you need. If you have questions, we invite you to reach out to us by calling 310-713-6739, and a member of our team is happy to address whatever concerns you may have. You can also click here if you wish to verify your insurance.

trauma treatment center covered by cigna Pacific Palisades

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